Photos from Mush Mush Masculinity!

Posted On September 25, 2007

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This event was well documented. We have gallery views, images from the fashion show and photo booth.


ES on The Social Element!

Posted On September 18, 2007

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Thank you to every one who contributed the the success of Mush Mush Masculinity!
Check us out on The Social Element go to no. 38


Mush Mush!

:: One Night Art Show :: Saturday, September 8, 2007 :: 8PM ::

Posted On August 25, 2007

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Exhibition 8PM – 2AM
Fashion Show 10 PM

Ephemeral Space presents Mush, Mush, Masculinity!, a single-night art show and event. The exhibition features two and three-dimensional work, installation, and video that critically examines masculinity.

Kate Anderson
Keith Braafladt
Allen Brewer
Nico Demonte
Mitchell Dose
Pete Driessen
Jennifer Ekstrand
Benjamin Fredrickson
Patrick Gantert
Joel Gillman
Erin Nicole Johnson
Karolina Karlic
Joe Kramm
Jonas Lindberg
Phil McCollam
Peter McLarnan
Jenny Rocksusto
Chapin Stitt
Darren Tesar
Lex Thompson
Pamela Valfer
Ryan Wetherall

Menswear Fashion Show
Laura Fulk
Redshoe Clothing Co.
Hair, makeup & fashion styling by eclecticoiffeur

Music by Professor BX

Ephemeral Space @ ACVR
106 West Water Street
Saint Paul, MN 55107

I-94 Exit Kellogg
Right on Kellogg
Right on Wabasha
Right on Water Street

Sponsored by
Summit Brewing Co.

Call 4 Art :: Due August 12, 2007

Posted On July 14, 2007

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Call for Submissions
Mush, Mush, Masculinity!
Deadline: August 12, 2007


Lyle Ashton Harris

Call for Submissions
Mush, Mush, Masculinity!

Ephemeral Space invites submissions for a juried, single-night exhibition that explores masculinity. On September 8, 2007, ES will transform ACVR Warehouse, across the river from downtown St. Paul, into an arena that spurs dialogues about gender through art. Feminism radically shaped the end of the last century by challenging male dominance of the art world. Led by artists, this social movement altered the standards of judgment and organization of institutions, while fostering a reformulation of female identity. But, how do men figure into this picture? Oftentimes taken as the homogenous “other” set opposite of feminism, masculinity becomes the primary focus of this show. The organizers of this exhibit seek artwork (2-D, 3-D, installation, or video) that explores masculinity. Work submitted for consideration might address, but is not limited to, the following questions: What is masculinity? How is masculinity constructed and what are the repercussions of these constructs? How does masculinity relate to biology, hormones, and physicality? For whom is masculinity constructed and whom does it serve? How do we represent maleness and masculinity today? How can masculinity be seen as either in opposition to or compatible with feminism? How do we encrypt signs of masculinity or subvert male identity? Do men and women understand masculinity differently? How does masculinity operate locally?

The Jury:

Patricia Briggs
Dr. Patricia Briggs teaches art history and criticism at MCAD and is a founding member of VACUM (the Visual Arts Critics Union of Minnesota). She is the Minnesota correspondent for Artforum magazine. In addition to Artforum, Briggs has published in Art Papers, Art on Paper, City Pages, New Art Examiner, Sense and Society, City Pages, and online at Briggs is also an independent curator whose exhibitions have been featured at the Weisman Art Museum, The Soap Factory, the Phipps Center for Arts, and the Minnesota Center for Photography.

Kristoffer Knutson
Kristoffer Knutson owns and curates ROBOTlove, the Uptown retailer of contemporary art, craft, and design products. Knutson also collaborates with the Soo Visual Arts Center in organizing provocative exhibitions in the Toomer Gallery. In addition, Knutson co-owns, an online gallery guide, purveyor of reviews, and locus of information relevant to the dynamic local art scene.

tectonic industries
Tectonic industries is a collaborative art partnership founded by Lars Boye Jerlach and Helen Stringfellow. Jerlach is a professor at the University of Wiscosin-Stout, where he teaches sculpture and Stringfellow serves as an adjunct instructor at MCAD. Artistic endeavors pursued by tectonic industries examine the artifice inherent within the creation of the modern myths and belief systems of popular culture through mixed-media installations. Works by tectonic industries have been exhibited in both local and international venues.

Submission Requirements:
Submissions must be sent via email. There is no fee. Artists must adhere to the following requirements in order for their work to be considered for exhibition:

1. The body of the message must include the artist’s name, preferred email address, home address, phone number, title of work, corresponding file name, medium, dimensions, and the date of completion for each image. All work must be original and completed in 2006-07.

2. Please attach file of work submitted to the email. Your submissions must follow the following specifications.

You may submit up to 5 works of art. Each image file you send us counts as one artwork. You may submit one detail per submission. Each submission must be sent in a separate email. The digital image itself should not include your name, a logo or any typographic gestures that are not considered part of the work. This insures anonymity during the jury selection. Your file name must follow this format: first initial, last name, title of work, file extension. i.e. jdoe_title.jpg or

2D or 3D: Email digital images as jpegs with as little compression as possible. All image files should be less than 2 MB. Make sure the images you submit are larger than 1024×768 without breaching the 2 MB limit.

Video, animation and Interactive: Email a QuickTime sample no larger than 5MB. Interactive pieces should include a description and proposal if applicable.

Installations: Email a proposal in the text of your email. Include a jpeg drawing/diagram and 3-5 sample jpegs of previous installations. Follow the jpeg specifications above. Use the following naming convention for your file: jdoe_title_sample.jpg

Note: Instillation artists are encouraged to propose works of art that utilize the space at ACVR. We have about 24,000 square feet to play with and we will be constructing walls for 2D art.

3. Email submissions to on or before Sunday, August 12, 2007
Photo: Lyle Aston Harris




Photos from Ephemerality


Check out photos from the May 12th show.

Coming very soon :: a gallery of Ephemerality artwork.


Posted On May 22, 2007

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Thank you for everyone that participated in the May 12th show.

Special thanks to: Our 21 artists, DJ Ames and Professor BX, Schell’s Brewing Company and The Como Ave Jug Band.

Photos coming soon.

This Saturday May 12th!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Jury Meets Soon

Posted On April 9, 2007

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Thank you for everyone that submitted artwork! On April 15th, the jury will meet and choose the artwork for the next show. The response to our call was awesome and we are very excited about the quality of work that was submitted. We will make an official announcement by April 18th!

Call 4 Art!

Posted On March 2, 2007

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Note: You may submit up to 5 pieces.

Download the full prospectus here!!!


Call 4 Art
Deadline: Monday, April 2, 2007

Ephemeral Space Gallery invites submissions for a juried, single-night exhibit. The term “ephemeral” refers to something that is short-lived, momentary, fleeting, or temporary. The exhibitors seek work that addresses, interrogates or questions ideas concerning ephemerality. Artists may deal with ephemeral content in their work or explore work using ephemeral media. This exhibition features two and three-dimensional work, and new media.

What defines or limits the ephemeral? Who determines its boundaries? Is a memory of an artwork more important than the work itself? How does documentation of ephemeral art influence one’s perception of it? How and when does ephemeral end?

The Jury:

Michael Gaughan
M.Ed., University of Minnesota
B.A., Painting, Minneapolis College of Art + Design
Artist and Performer
Gaughan often fashions guitars using unexpected materials, such as candy. Gaughan recently received the MCAD/Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists (2004-2005). He also performs as Ice Rod and collaborates with his real-life sibling in Brother and Sister.

Angela Strassheim
M.F.A., Yale University
Strassheim has received a number of prestigious fellowships and grants and has participated in national and international exhibitions. She recently received the McKnight Foundation, Photography Fellowship and the Bush Foundation Artist Fellowship. In 2006 Strassheim’s work appeared in the Whitney Biennial.

Diane Mullin
Ph.D., Art History, Washington University in St. Louis.
Art Historian
Mullin is currently Associate Curator at the Weisman Art Museum, continuing a career as curator for various Twin Cities arts organizations such as the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the Soo Visual Arts Center. Mullin is an accomplished writer with a series of art critiques and essays published in New Art Examiner, Art Forum, On Paper, Flash Art, Next Monet, as well as several exhibition

Download the full prospectus to learn about the submission guidelines!!!

Note: You may submit up to 5 pieces.