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Posted On March 2, 2007

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Note: You may submit up to 5 pieces.

Download the full prospectus here!!!


Call 4 Art
Deadline: Monday, April 2, 2007

Ephemeral Space Gallery invites submissions for a juried, single-night exhibit. The term “ephemeral” refers to something that is short-lived, momentary, fleeting, or temporary. The exhibitors seek work that addresses, interrogates or questions ideas concerning ephemerality. Artists may deal with ephemeral content in their work or explore work using ephemeral media. This exhibition features two and three-dimensional work, and new media.

What defines or limits the ephemeral? Who determines its boundaries? Is a memory of an artwork more important than the work itself? How does documentation of ephemeral art influence one’s perception of it? How and when does ephemeral end?

The Jury:

Michael Gaughan
M.Ed., University of Minnesota
B.A., Painting, Minneapolis College of Art + Design
Artist and Performer
Gaughan often fashions guitars using unexpected materials, such as candy. Gaughan recently received the MCAD/Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists (2004-2005). He also performs as Ice Rod and collaborates with his real-life sibling in Brother and Sister.

Angela Strassheim
M.F.A., Yale University
Strassheim has received a number of prestigious fellowships and grants and has participated in national and international exhibitions. She recently received the McKnight Foundation, Photography Fellowship and the Bush Foundation Artist Fellowship. In 2006 Strassheim’s work appeared in the Whitney Biennial.

Diane Mullin
Ph.D., Art History, Washington University in St. Louis.
Art Historian
Mullin is currently Associate Curator at the Weisman Art Museum, continuing a career as curator for various Twin Cities arts organizations such as the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the Soo Visual Arts Center. Mullin is an accomplished writer with a series of art critiques and essays published in New Art Examiner, Art Forum, On Paper, Flash Art, Next Monet, as well as several exhibition

Download the full prospectus to learn about the submission guidelines!!!

Note: You may submit up to 5 pieces.


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    ES est fantastique !

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