Artists/Performers that have participated in ES

Mush Mush Masculinity!:

Kate Anderson
Keith Braafladt
Allen Brewer
Nico Demonte
Mitchell Dose
Pete Driessen
Jennifer Ekstrand
Benjamin Fredrickson
Patrick Gantert
Joel Gillman
Erin Nicole Johnson
Karolina Karlic
Joe Kramm
Jonas Lindberg
Phil McCollam
Peter McLarnan
Jenny Rocksusto
Chapin Stitt
Darren Tesar
Lex Thompson
Pamela Valfer
Ryan Wetherall


Kelly Abeln
Aaron Anderson
Kate Anderson
DJ Ames
Robert Atwell
Ty Barnett
Justin Bullis
Ernest A Bryant III
Todd Campbell
Eric William Carroll
Jocelyn Chase
Jaron Childs
Cheryl Wilgren Clyne
Como Ave Jug Band
Teresa Cox
J M Culver
Emily Darnell
Mitchell Dose
Lacey Criswell
Paul Danhauser
Blythe Davis
Nico Demonte
Mark Doddato
Robert Elder
Kevin Engler
Gregory Euclide
Craig Fernholz
Ellen Fitzgerald
Mary P Gibney
Nick Golfis
Adam Garcia
Amanda Hankerson
Joshua Haycraft
Brooke Helgevold
Kara Hedershot
Kirk Hiatt
Andrea Hyde
Kerri Jamison
Karolina Karlic
Patrick Kelley
Jyni Koschak
Professor BX
Andrew Koehler
Brian Lesteberg
Yeng Lor
Charles Matson Lume
Evan Mathiason
Devin Matticks
Robert Marbury
Ben Martin
Lizzy Martinez
Josh McKevitt
Ben Olson
Justin Olson
Grace Park
Angelo Pennacchio
Matthew Plumstead
Jon Renzella
Josh Rysted
Shannon Schafer
Emily Smith
Kaylee Spencer
Scott Stulen
Jeremy Szopinski
tectonic industries
Darren Tesar
Dan Tesene
Jeff Thompson
Tony Wagener
Christina Williams
Jonathan Williams
Kate Youngdahl
Angela Zammarelli


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2 Responses to “Artists”

  1. dawn ingianni

    Would you have a link to view the artists work that have participated in your shows? Is any of the art for sale?

  2. ephemeralspace

    We are currently working on new galleries for our website where you will be able to view artwork from our shows. ES does not take commission on artwork and likes to put prospective buyers in touch with with the artists directly. It isn’t uncommon for artists to sell work after showing at ES party. Just let us know who you are interested in and we will do our best to help you connect with that artist, and check back soon for the new galleries.


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